Reaching Development Milestones

StructInvest is about property – simple and straightforward.
We are a collaborative channel through which the strengths of various participants are drawn together to produce strong yields and returns.
We are not a “new never before seen system” with wild promises and projections. We pull together key industry sectors’ talent and skill on a project by project basis to deliver the best opportunity the project can return.
With a flexible and personal approach to each opportunity, StructInvest tailor makes investment deals to suit the investor. Our comprehensive network of professionals across sectors, roles and regions allows us to quickly react to market conditions to ascertain plans of action – reactive and proactive depending on downswings or upswings.
StructInvest is involved and invested in each deal so our only interest is to ensure best possible returns and yields. Investors have security in ownership of the asset per deal thereby legally and financially safeguarding your money and time.



How We Can Help You



Services and Structures:

Property Deal Sourcing and Investment Structuring

StructInvest sources deals with potential to deliver high returns and / or yields for the investors and StructInvest itself.

As the holding company StructInvest drives the entire cradle to grave investment project through SPV’s per deal to protect and ringfence each opportunity. StructInvest retains a predetermined management and administration fee based on a percentage of gross costs and end returns / yields.

Investors can choose from deal types suited to their investment plans and risk appetite. Typical deal structures are:

  1. Yielding Investments in the Buy to Let (BTL) residential arena

    1. Purchase, upgrade and let for medium to long term yield

    2. Purchase, convert to Homes in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and let for medium to long term yield

    3. Purchase, upgrade or convert, refinance to roll capital and let for medium to long term yield

    4. Vanilla (ready-made) medium to long term yield

  2. Cash Generation

    1. Purchase Below Market Value (BMV), flip

    2. Purchase BMV, upgrade and sell for profit

    3. Purchase, rezone and flip

    4. Purchase, rezone, convert and sell for profit

    5. Purchase, develop and sell / let combinations

  3. Capital Growth

    1. Purchase BMV and let medium to long term with intent to reap capital gain whilst yielding minor to comfortable monthly yields

    2. Purchase, develop and let

Owing to StructInvest’s per deal structure and ability to onboard various investors of varying appetite and maturity, each deal can be tailored to produce the most suitable scenario to the deal and the investor(s). Exit strategies and agreements are determined at the outset to ensure all parties are clear.


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